We offer Physical and Occupational Therapy in Tarzana for a wide range of ailments. If pain, weakness, swelling, stiffness, or immobility are defining your life and causing you to miss out on the things you used to enjoy, Physical  and Occupational Therapy can help. You may also benefit from Physical  and Occupational Therapy if you have been injured or are facing surgery, have had a fall, a sports-related injury, or an injury from the repeated use of a joint.

Our Licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists will do a full evaluation and then create a treatment plan that is best for you. Our goals are always to reduce pain, increase mobility, flexibility and range of motion, and strengthen your muscles to prevent reinjury. We utilize the latest techniques, including low level laser, decompression therapy, iontophoresis, Craniosacral Therapy, manual mobilization, EStim, and ultrasound. We have a hands-on approach that also involves regular communication with your doctor.

Our areas of specialty include:

  • Musculoskeletal Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Work Injury Management
  • TMJ Treatment
  • Hand Therapy
  • Fibromyalgia Treatment
  • Auto Injury/Whiplash Treatment
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Massage Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Poor Posture Treatment
  • Return to Work Evals
  • Corporate Fitness
  • Sports Injury Treatment
  • Low Level Laser Therapy

Our Licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists will do a full evaluation, then create a treatment plan best for you.  Our goals are always to reduce pain, increase mobility and strengthen your muscles to prevent reinjury.  We utilize the latest techniques including low level laser, decompression therapy, iontophoresis, manual manipulation, EStim and ultrasound.  We have a hands on approach that also involves communication with your doctor.

Post Stroke Rehab                                           Back Pain Evaluations

Neuropathic Pain Evaluations                     Low Level Laser Therapy

Balance Testing and Treatment

Biofeedback is the process of using instruments that allow a patient to become more aware of their physiological functions and pain stimuli, in an effort to being able to control them and decrease medication use.  Some of the processes that can be controlled include brainwaves, muscle tone, skin conductance, heart rate and pain perception.  Biofeedback may be used to decrease pain, improve performance and control your emotions.  This is powerful technique but requires persistence and time to be effective. It has been found to be effective for the treatment of Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, spasticity, back pain and muscle control.
Yana Ratiner, RPT

Yana Ratiner studied Health Science and Physical Therapy at California State University Northridge and became a licensed Physical Therapist in 1996. Yana had her clinical internship at UCLA outpatient orthopedics and Sports Medicine Department upon receiving her diploma. Yana has been a clinician as well as a clinical instructor at Santa Clara Valley County Hospital and University of California San Francisco (UCSF) & took continued education seminars utilizing the Maitland-Australian approach. Yana has worked in both in-patient hospital and out-patient rehabilitation settings in the areas of cardiac and neurological rehab, and post-surgical orthopedics. Yana is an expert in manual musculoskeletal mobilizations and exercises to improve and restore function and control pain.


Beata Lyashevska , RPT

Beata Lyashevska graduated from California State University Northridge with Masters in Physical Therapy. Beata has worked in variety of Physical Therapy settings such as private practice, acute care, and home health. Beata has taken a multitude of continued education seminars utilizing Maitland-Australian approach, manual therapy courses on evaluation and treatment of joint dysfunctions, and Advanced Kinesiotaping course. Most recently, she has taken a number of CranioSacral and Visceral manipulation classes. Beata’s approach to Physical Therapy involves integrating all of her knowledge and skills while looking at the body as a whole in developing a treatment program.


Stephanie Jordan, MS, OTR

Stephanie Jordan graduated from San Jose State University earning her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy in 2009. She has worked in a variety of settings including Skilled Nursing, Home Health Care, Adult Day Health Care, and Outpatient in both the Bay Area and Los Angeles. She has taken specialized courses to continue advancing her knowledge and skill set including manual therapy, therapeutic taping, neurological intervention, and chronic pain. She emphasizes prioritizing self care and enhancing quality of life in her approach to therapy.

Dear Dr. Ratiner,

I am writing to tell you what a marvelous experience I had with your Physical and Occupational Therapy department.

I came to them some months ago with terrible back, neck and hip pain, and was examined by Yana and Irina, and then treated by Richard.

I must say that both women were courteous, kind, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable. They were not only experts in their fields, but very kind and friendly.

I was then treated by Richard, who was excellent. I have been to many P.T.s over the years, but Richard was by far the best. He took whatever time was necessary to provide all the treatment necessary to correct my many problems. He is not only expert at what he does, but also, kind and caring. I always felt that he was taking a personal interest in me, and that he was doing everything possible to find a way to help me.

Bottom line, after several treatments, all of my pain dissipated, and I have been relatively pain-free for 5 months now. I have been meaning to write this letter for a long time, but you know how time flies. Still I could not let the year end without telling you what an excellent staff you have, and that I have recommended you to everyone I know who is in pain.


Rosalee J.Jaeger

To whom it may concern ,

I’m 58 years of age and I’ve always had a “delicate” and painful back. I felt achy most of the time.

Dr. Ratiner and his office have correctly diagnosed my problems, which can now be helpful. His office is kind caring, and efficient.

He also has a wonderful physical and occupational therapy department that has made it easier for me to deal with my pain and stiffness. It is a pleasure for me to thank Dr. Ratiner and all his staff.


Diane Gold


Dear Dr. Ratiner,

I wanted to tell you the benefits I have received from your physical and occupational therapy program.

The caring and loving people who work there make my time there productive and pleasant. They instill in you a belief that you can make your life style better.

I do exercises, electrical stimulation, light therapy, and receive a great leg massage.

I want to thank all people who have worked with me over the last two months especially Jennifer.

What makes this program different than other places is that they heal the spirit as well as the body!

Thank you,

Rosemary Milleman