Neuropathic pain can be one of the most disabling types of pain.  It is typically caused by direct damage to or a disease causing damage to the body’s nervous system.  Pain is the most common symptom, usually either burning or sharp with a sensation of electric shocks.  It commonly is also associated with numbness, “pins and needles”, coolness or itching.  We don’t always know the cause for neuropathic pain but it may be as a result of underlying medical conditions, trauma or inflammation.  Examples of these include poorly-controlled diabetes, thyroid disease, anemia, vitamin deficiency, post-surgical pain, medication side effect, abnormal nerve growth and even lower back pain.


Neuropathic pain may be treated by several medical specialties including neurologists, primary care doctors and rheumatologists.  Typical treatments for neuropathic pain are oral medications and topical creams, however only a small percentage of people achieve a long-lasting resolution of their symptoms. The most common of these oral treatments include anti-convulsant medications gabapentin and pregabalin, however dosing is often limited by lethargy.  Antidepressants are also commonly used, sometimes in combination with the anti-convulsant medications. Topical creams include local anesthetics or combination creams produced by compounding pharmacies. Other options include vitamin supplementation for known vitamin deficiencies.


Over the last year a new proprietary non-toxic vitamin infused therapy has been developed for the treatment of neuropathic pain. NeuroMenda™ is designated as generally safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is a local injection to relieve pain and numbness related to nerve pain syndromes.  Our NeuroMenda™ has been used in the treatment of post-surgical pain, regional pain syndromes, morton’s neuromas, headaches, neck and lower back pain as well as other painful and disabling pain syndromes of the extremities.  After targeting the affected nerves, a series of injections are given along the distribution of these nerves. The effect is immediate.  Depending on the medical condition and the response, the average number of treatments is 5-7.


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